This is a great place in Wilmington to share what’s important...food, history, discoveries and memories.

Explore and learn the secrets captured in the design details and why we care about getting the little things right.

Come casual or date night attire and enjoy the surroundings with a cocktail before dinner or a “sip & snack” in the cozy garden at the firepits.

Wilmington is a vibrant place - downtown Wilmington especially – is very rich in history, thriving natural beauty, and Southern warmth; it's one of a kind, just like us. We only seat thirty-six in the dining room and eight at the bar, so make reservations . . . or don’t. Either way, allow some time to enjoy a cocktail in the garden by the fire before dinner.

ARRIVE Hotels & Restaurants was created by Chris Pardo, Peter Karpinski, Ezra Callahan & Matt Steinberg.

The idea, initially conceived while Pardo and Karpinski were working together at the Four Seasons in the late 1990s, was to build neighborhood hotels and restaurants -- places designed to share what makes the neighborhood special with locals and visitors alike.

After many years of refinement, the idea was finally brought to life in 2016, when the very first ARRIVE hotel opened in Palm Springs, California. The idea behind ARRIVE is that the very best travel experiences are those that allow you to integrate into a neighborhood - to shop small local businesses, discover local secrets, and spend time rubbing elbows with the locals experiencing what makes the area so awesome. When they saw that the Wilmingtonian Inn was up for sale, they knew its location and intimate size would be the perfect place for this exact experience.

Dram Yard is not a hotel restaurant.  Dram Yard is a restaurant at a hotel.  You’ll get it when you arrive.